Tuesday, April 29, 2008

International Yawn!

Good Evening Reader!

Mr Fridge transmitted a yawn internationally today!!! I was talking to Agatha Christie fan Fi on the phone, when she yawned a huge one! I instantly picked it up and yawned too. Right after that call Mrs D from Dublin called and I accidentally yawned again and then Mrs D from Dublin yawned before I had finished mine! A truly international yawn transmitted across the central belt and the Irish Sea!

Well done to Agatha Christie fan Fi, Mrs D from Dublin and Mr Fridge!

On Ice Cube side, Mrs Fridge's migraine has subsided at last and I managed to feel a tiny kick again last night! That is the third in total and still feels like the first.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Idea Guru Mr Fridge Then Terrible Mr Fridge!

Mr Fridge is sometimes amazed by his own sublime genius! He has been occasionally been sensitive to drinking weekend beer in front of Mrs Fridge, who due to expanding Ice Cube, obviously can not enjoy a weekend beer and it was making me feel guilty. So when I took my weekly guilt ridden trip to the offies, last Friday to buy some bottles of Beck’s, I had the ingenious inspiration to buy Mrs Fridge 6 bottles of alcohol free beer! Mrs Fridge can take her usual 4 hours of her 275ml and I can rattle through mine! (Mrs Fridge bumped into a male work friend, on Saturday, who, rightly, commented that this was genius. I had a guilt free beer weekend, which is always good when drinking.

Mr Fridge also gave Mrs Fridge a bit of a fright on Saturday night/Sunday morning! At 02.30am Mr Fridge was dreaming that we had moved into a new house in the country and had awoke to go down to water the plants (no euphemism here, I really was dreaming that I was going down the stairs to water the plants). I noted the linoleum on the stairs and thought I would need to get that removed and a carpet put down. I watered the plants and returned to the hall where there were 4 people in blue boiler suits emptying the place of its contents!!!! The man and woman were carrying my old TV up the stairs! (I dunno) As I ran to intercept (brave hero, I know) I shouted to Lesley up the stairs to, “Call the police! Call the Police!” Apparently I felt so strongly that I woke myself up with my shouting the same words and I was frightening the hell out of Mrs Fridge!!! Poor thing, I had to calm her worried calls and tell her I was shouting to help her and it was my dream. Her wee heart was pounding away!

Mrs Fridge made a lovely Omelet this evening.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mr Dart and mutual blog referrals!

Good Early Morning Reader,

Mr Fridge has dropped Mrs Fridge at the airport so that she can have a day's jolly to Manchester and so she had to catch a very early flight, so I drove her there and came into work so try and catch up on a few things. Mr Crazy Dart was in and sent me early morning greetings from mainland Europe. Here is his blog.


Please enjoy, but always remember to read this first!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exciting and Moving News!!!

Good Evening Reader!!

Last night we sat on the sofa with mugs of tea and watched 'The Big Fat Hairy Bikers Chefs' on BBC2 and Mrs Fridge commented the Ice Cube was moving about a bit and she could feel the 'butterflies' as Ice Cube moved around within her. I had my hand on her tummy to see if I could feel anything but had no luck for that duration even though we are a few weeks early for that. So I just left my hand at the bottom of her tummy, where Mrs Fridge was reporting the seismic activity. Nothing happened for ages as I sipped my tea then I felt the slightest but firmest of wee kicks! I felt Ice Cube for the first time! I am sooooooooo happy! Mrs Fridge is the lucky one to feel that all the time!, although I am sure that in the coming months when Ice Cube grows bigger and decides to push against her bladder she will feel different and I will know about it.

Mrs Fridge also made a top Chille Con Carne with nachos, guacamole, tomato salsa and Cheddar cheese grated on top!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Superhero Fridge Saves Mrs Fridge from HUGE Fall!

Hello Reader!

I am relieved to tell of my, quite frankly, superhero super-fast reactions on Sunday night! Mrs Fridge went to bed a few hours earlier than me, as she is prone to do with Ice Cube growing on a daily basis. I watched TV for a while came to bed and read for a while. Mrs Fridge was in the middle of the bed (again) and I asked her to move over just a bit. She obliged and I read on in comfort. Soon I tired and with the light off quickly fell into sleep. I awoke with a start, in reaction to what a vaguely remember as a Mrs Fridge noise, and before I was fully awake I had moved across the bed with lightning speed, caught and held Mrs Fridge in my arms mid way through her fall out the bed! It’s a short fall (no bunk beds here!) but a fall is a fall!

Mrs Fridge was so shaken and surprised that she immediately went back to sleep.

On analysis, it is clear sign that Mrs Fridge hogs the middle of the bed to such an extent that when moved over a little, she took her default location as the middle of the bed and thusly fell out!

Mr Fridge is also considering buying some side rail bars for the bed or installing a gentle slide on the side of the bed which will run her down onto another lower bed, if she decides to roll over and out again. The alternative is to lay a trampoline parallel to the bed so that if she falls out then she will simply bounce back into bed and not notice a thing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Reader in Southern Hemisphere!!!

Hello Friday Night Reader,

Exciting post script!

Mrs Fridge is on the phone to her Northern Irish friend in New Zealand Mrs Stinky Ella! A great big, 'How are you?' to you and Mr Pirate!

EXCLUSIVE! Mrs Fridge has craving!

It’s official Reader! Mrs Fridge has a craving. While I was typing away about the pineapple in the fridge last night she had already scoffed it! As an emergency measure today when she got home from her work, and we had a quick bite to eat at the local Italian, I had to cut up and dice the pineapple I bought her as a joke! There was a lot (it was a big pineapple) and she had eaten a big lasagne, but she has scoffed most of the pineapple! Never mind big baby, never mind her giving birth to a horse! She is having a giant pineapple! (Ladies don’t think about that one too much . . . you know . . . . the pain of birthing a pineapple).

On a personal note, today was pre-Saturday, what with it being a day off work for me, and I am happy that I still have Saturday normal to come, with all but the hunting and gathering to complete tomorrow morning I have a free day!

Here is how Mrs Fridge looks just now with her ice cube/horse/pineapple.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thurday is Friday Today

Good Evening Reader!

You find me writing this from the Property Empire at the Thursday open viewing. Today we had another couple, following on from the 3 on Sunday, so hopefully one of them will want to buy it. They asked about what was under the laminate flooring. I made my best guess of 'rolls of foamy stuff' and that seemed to placate them. I was further cheered up as Lydia insisted that I drop by the offies on the way home and pick up some Friday beer. (Today is Friday as I have Friday off work therefore Thursday was Friday for me today.)

Today at work I managed to inadvertently upset 2 of my US of A work colleagues by answering their question about how many days holiday we get a year. I told them and they were frankly shocked! I work out as having twice as many as one of them. They are a few years (actually, quite a few) older than me and I think they are upset. I suppose that having the same languages leads us to often fail to remember we have 2 separate countries, 2 different political systems and legal systems. They make Star Trek and we do Doctor Who.

On a non-political note – Mrs Fridge has finally grown into a cardigan that we once thought was ridiculously big. She has no more sore heads and I think she is leaning towards a craving. Just a few days ago she got through a family packet of crisps in minutes, not that was any different from normal behaviour; it was more to do with what she shoved down her throat immediately after that. Mrs Fridge hungrily devoured a family pack of pre-cut pineapple. I was not even offered any! When she finished she breathed in. Mr Fridge noted that she came home yesterday with some more but has yet to eat it. Hmmm. Watch this space.

Other great news: Mr and Mrs POD, who live on the Inner Hebrides, are expecting baby Number 2 in October. Congratulations to them! December is truly a good and busy month!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday's Can be Great!

Hello and Happy Monday Reader!

Mr Fridge had a long night and had a massive 3 hours sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning. A relaxing day followed with the in-laws who kindly helped Mrs Fridge host the Sunday viewing of our Property Empire and then I met them in town to have more food at 'The Dogs'. I had stew.

Apparently I made up for the lack of sleep last night and was snoring so LOUD that I woke Mrs Fridge twice and the vibrations vibrated her across the bed. Sorry Mrs Fridge. On the plus side I awoke fresh and awake so that worked out well in the end.

Mrs Fridge continues to grow and I am now convinced that we are having a horse and not a human child. It is taking it out of her and she is currently having a post shower snooze on the ice tray in the bedroom.

Mr Fridge wonders if Brother Fridge and Nearly Sister-in-law Nice Austrian Lady (sorry Dad, no news : it's just what we call her) have the link now so I hope they are reading. Hello!!! CosmoCowGirl, stop reading this and get back to work in your USofA office! Also got a mail from a Karate friend who signs himself as, 'Bark' - crazy Italian-Scottish non-dancing man!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Night Work Blues

Hello Readers and Welcome from a very Professional Mr Fridge.

Mr Fridge is in his place of work this evening and long into the night. I am here with a couple of engineers and he is supervising them putting lots of nice new things on our systems. It will be a long night so I thought I would take some time to update what is happening in Fridgeland.

Well, Property Empire went onto the market earlier this week and I was at the flat to host the open viewing. During that time I got a new high score on my phone's Tetris game and read several chapter of the book I am reading ('Lords of the Bow' by Conn Iggulden. Mrs Fridge got it for me for my birthday recently). Yes! We had no viewers what so ever. Not to worry, it was just on the market and Rangers FC were playing, and winning, their big European Football game in Portugal. I am sure that tomorrow will bring many many viewers, despite the slowdown in the market. I still wedged open the door and checked the front entry phone door bell/buzzer was working.

Mrs Fridge continues to do well and we got good test results back today indicating so. We went to look at prams and pushchairs today and then we had a nice meal at a new place called 'Dogs'. The food is served on non-matching plates with designs that all our Grannies had at some point. Mrs Fridge is still off certain foods, like fish, potatoes, haggis and the like. She eats healthily but she rejected the nice green salad with beetroot and opted for other food.

"I still can’t stand the smell of fish." She informed me.

Mrs Fridge ordered up the same dish as me : Fish, chips and mushy peas.

Is it me?

Other news, I navigated Mr Fridge's Dad onto this Blog earlier on, over the phone. I hope he enjoys it and that the writing is big enough for him to read.

Back to work for me now. I know, I can read the Reader's mind : I am such a brave soldier!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Property Empire for Sale

Hello Reader.

Property Empire went onto the market this afternoon and the editor of espc.co.uk had let a few basic errors on the inital text of the advert slip through and posted them. A cracking example was, 'spacious sittingroom open to well desirable and fitted kitchen' should have read 'well designed'. Mind you if you are a young person using a young person's vernacular then it is well cool and there ain't nufking wrong with it. Well wicked, inint!

The other wonderful error was in the first draft of the schedule which had read 'fully carpeted' when all the pictures clearly show the laminate floor through out. That is . . . unlesss . . . someone has laid a carpet in the flat without our permission! We will need to go to Property Empire just to check!!

Clearly Mrs Fridge and I are well delighted with the level of care taken by the espc.co.uk company : looks like we are paying for an old fashioned c'ut and paste' job. Oh well, as long as it sells!

For those interested, here is our Property Empire

Feel free to buy - highest bidder wins! :o)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mrs Fridge and Ice Cube Update

Hello again Reader.

Two posts in one day! Impressive I know.

Mr Fridge had another reader this week - it was his Aunt Sister. Welcome Aunt Sister! (Aunt Sister Is Mr Fridge's Dad's Sister, which I just described for my benefit as much as yours). I hope you continue to enjoy despite my previous posts vivid dream. Keep well.

Mrs Fridge continues to grow and Ice Cube is a fast grower. We are on week 17 and Ice Cube is the size of a hand now and Mrs Fridge can feel him/her starting to move little bits. "It feels a little like tickling" is the description, but despite a hand on her tummy and a careful ear to it too I can not feel the movement or hear anything yet. She's a lucky thing to feel that.

Anyway, I have attached a picture of Mrs Fridge in disguise as a normal everyday lady and then with disguise raised to show the extent of Ice Cube's weight training.

Mrs Fridge in disguise and then Ice Cube revealed!

The Exciting Dream World of Mr Fridge

Hello Reader!

Been a busy time for Mr and Mrs Fridge this weekend! Mr Fridge hunted and gathered then cleaned their headquarters of the property empire. After that he did some very industrious re siliconing (white and transparent) of the shower room before settling down for the new series of Doctor Who in the evening ready for the ever growing Mrs Fridge's return home after a visit to her parents and her pregnant Other Mrs Fridge (same first names - very confusing at times). In fact I was so tired on Saturday night that I was in bed before midnight . . .and before Mrs Fridge – my younger self would have been so embarrassed!

Sunday was an early rise to clean the property empire before putting it on the market (should be on tomorrow so will check the advert and post link!) and more hunting and gathering! We got back in time for me to watch the F1 Grand Prix from Bahrain and for us to enjoy the second half of Dundee Utd against Rangers - with an intermission for a good fry up brunch-brinner (opened to time of day interpretation).

Mr Fridge woke this morning after having a highly amusing dream. I dreamt that I in a dining room with stacked with books on shelves round three walls, the fourth wall having the only door in. Out of bordem, I was trying to learn telekinesis : to move objects by the power of thought alone! To my immense surprise I found that I could make the light that hung from the centre of the room, and over the dining table, sway ever so slightly and even that took considerable effort and energy. A man came into the room and I demonstrated my new skill and managed to make the light sway even more – his scepticism disappeared instantly and with some added shock as I had also managed to make all the books move out from their shelves. I became more skilled and it took less practice to control, direct and become more precise in my new talent. I did not feel powerful or superior but more mischievous. (Anyway – stop the rambling here as real danger of self indulgence here and boring the Reader). The funny thing of the dream was that that I used my skill to make people do huge loud farts! All the women wore large Victorian style skirts and the men loose coats : as I thought on each person the resultant noisy expulsion of gas made their skirt bellow out or men jackets lift up! The ‘victims’ did not seem too alarmed but seemed confused as to what could have caused such forceful bottom burps.

It was very funny.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hello Reader.

Yesterday was Robert's Funeral and it was good to know that he touched so many people in a positive way and hundreds of people turned up to pay respects to and share our memories of him. The Young L Lady and I drank cocktails in is honour later in the day in a posh bar he once took her to in Glasgow.

While we were sending Robert off Mrs Fridge was seeing the midwife to check on Ice Cube's progress. Mother and child are doing well and it looks like we have a large child in her womb. Again, a strong healthy heart beat and a healthy mother.

While we are sending off and celebrating one life that has been, my wife carries the spark of new life that will be within her. If our little one can shine with a fraction of the brightness and radiance of life as Robert's then we will be contented parents.

Roert Foulkes

16 April 1984 to 26 March 2008