Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Rant

Hello Probably All Gone Reader,

I sit here getting used to typing again and today I am ever more a Republican than ever! Watching the BBC evening News I note that the BBC refuse to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza in the interests of impartiality. That I do not understand as the people who survived the Israeli bombardment need our help. Israel will certainly not give it; they only drop bombs on UN Schools and food stores, level industrial zones to destroy their infrastructure and use weapons banned under international laws on civilian areas.

Anyways, my rant was that the BBC ran with the Story that Prince (spit) Harry and Chelsea have split up when on holiday in the Maldives and then after that about Rwanda and Congo joining forces to try and sort out the Hutu rebels responsible for the genocide that happened there. Some balance is required I think.

Okay. Prince Harry
1. Does he not have a job in the army? He is always off on holidays.
2. He is 'our little raciest friend’. No excuse can hide what and how he said it. Despicable.
3. I never voted for him
4. He is a privileged idiot

'Nuff said tonight I think.

I also did not win the lottery.

Night all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr Fridge Returns!

Happy (late) 2009 Reader!

Apologies from Mr Fridge but his laptop was out of order and is now repaired!

I have remembered my password and can now get back on to my ranting, family adoration and random thoughts!

I have so much to say on Harry Hewi . . . Windsor, George Bush, Barrack Obhama, Isreal behaving like Nazis form WWII, St Mirren football Club, UK and Scottish politics, Doctor Who, the world and everything else therein.

It feels good to type again.

Mr Fridge