Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mr Fridge Update

Hello Reader!

At the weekend we had Mr and Mrs Dobber and Mrs D to Be and Mr P (Mrs D to Be will be Mrs P next year). We had a a nice meal at Chop Chop Chinese Restaurant and then back to ours to play board gaes and to consume the beer (Mr and Mrs Dobber and Mr Fridge), White wine (Mr P), alcohol free wine (Mrs Fridge and Ice Cube) and an incredible amount of Smirnoff Ice (Mrs D to Be)! We played 'Articulate', with Mrs Dobber restraining herself most admirably when it came to the spirit and passion of the game. Top marks to Mr Dobber and Mr Fridge when Mr Dobber described, " An animal that lives in a field", Mr Fridge replied, "Crocodile" and he was correct!!! Stunning! Top marks to us! Mrs D to Be and Mr P started off in top form with an almost telepathic knowledge of what the other was describing but then Mrs Dobber and Mrs Fridge streaked ahead to a stunning victory putting the rest of us to a complete shame! Still, Andre Eiffel did not design he Eiffel Tower.

We could not be bothered on Sunday so 3 bags of bottles had to be taken by Mr Fridge to the bottle bank on Monday evening while as Mrs Fridge went off to her Pregnancy Yoga class. What a noise it must be to live near a bottle bank, especially on Sundays and Mondays. Still, recycling is important - no excuse other than laziness not to do so. In our street we have recycling bins but there are a substantial number of lazy swines who cannot be bothered to split out their rubbish and take the extra 3 steps to the right to put their 'Sun' and 'Daily Record' newspapers (ha, if only they were) and other clearly difficult reading material into the paper recycling bin, or they must not have the mental ability to cross a not busy street to put their cardboard or plastics or tins or cans in the other recycling bin! I used to be against but now support fining people for not sorting their recycling properly. If we cannot take responsibilty for our environemnt then we must be forced to do so by legislation and financially hurting those too lazy and irresponsible to do so. We all live here and I do not want Ice Cube to grow up and inhert an even bigger mess of our environment then we have created already.

Rant over and time for bed!

Oh - Top quote from the weekend : "I did do quite a bit of shopping when we were there, didn't we?" (Sorry, Mrs Dobber).

Friday, May 23, 2008

What Cosmo CowGril has been asking for!!!

Hello Reader!

At last we have scanned in the ultrasound scans from a few weeks ago and here we go! This is the best one of Ice Cube!

Cat : that's a leg.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cravings Extra!

Hello Again Reader,

Mrs Fridge's 'craving' has now grown and expanded to include three major food groups. From the picture below, you can see the already known 'Pineapple' group with the addition of food group, 'Mars Bars'. The third I am afraid is not visible as they have already been well eaten! The third food group is that of 'Pork Pies'.

See Mrs Fridge lurking in the background, waiting, watching: Hoping I will turn away, turn my back, with her eyes fixed like those of a lioness stalking its prey moving through the long grass, ready to pounce on the unaware prey!
In the interests of balance and fairness, there are other snack foods available. Furthermore, in the interests of safety, I make sure that the Mars bars are working properly and sample the occasional one, just to help out Mrs Fridge.

Mrs Fridge Growth Chart Update

Hello Reader,

Today finds us with a new picture of Mrs Fridge, who still wishes not to have her face on the interweb, so her lovely smiley face remains hidden. Oh well.

Ice Cube continues to grow and we can see her/him move through the skin now much more often. I wonder what is going through Ice Cube's developing little brain and (ahem) body when those body parts are pushed on Mrs Fridge's tummy?

I actually missed the last visit she had to the midwife and neither of us could think why I needed to be there (especially if there are needles). When Mrs Fridge returned she told me that there was a reason I wanted to be there and that was to hear the heartbeat! Missed it! DOH! Oh well, I'll get to the next one. First time we heard it it reminded me sooooo much of the Guinness advert (the one with white horses) and then realised that that is were it came from in the first place. I will have to wet the head of Ice Cube, when he/she is born, with a Guinness.

The Anonymous Mrs Fridgeand hidden ICe Cube

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ice Cube Visibly Moves!

Hello Reader!

Mr Fridge has more exciting news! Ice Cube has been continuing to grow well and keep Mrs Fridge awake or distract her at work with kicking and moving but now it is so much that we can now start to see movements through her tummy skin! It is just simply the (as yet) amazing thing to see! You should be further impressed as, even though it was in my head, I managed not to mention the film ‘Alien’.

Best Man Bonk and I went to an old haunt in Edinburgh last night, The Roseburn bar, to watch some Russian Team beat Glasgow Rangers FC in the EUFA (something like that) cup final. Better team won. Shame with the little bit of trouble in town, but if you hoard 10,000+ visiting fans into an outdoor area in the sun all day, feed them booze then just before the games kicks of the big screen telly breaks! I would be frustrated and angry but still no excuse for a small minority of nut job fans who went on the rampage. Still, it’s what the London based media focused on despite the build up being more or less ignored on the National News.

Best Man Bonk was most upset, him being a closet Blue Nose and all, and I thought he was moved to tears at one point. To be fair that could have been a reaction to his betting on the game. (If Mrs Bonk is reading this then it is a joke and he did not bet on the game! He did cry though.)

Mr Fridge visited a hospital today to have a mole on the side of his neck looked at as I keep cutting it when I am shaving and it takes ages to stop bleeding and to heal. Still after a short wait, in which I read loads of my book, I was seen by a tall Doctor with no hair and a less-than-white white coat. He examined me at about 100 miles per hour then said it was fine and no need to take it off. I reminded him that it was not for any changes of colours then he informed me that the NHS would not take it off and I should go private for cosmetic surgery. Why would my GP refer me the hospital then? Hmmm. Maybe a second opinion required.

Monday, May 12, 2008

NEWS ALERT! (About a week ago)

Hello Reader!

I greet you with exciting and ground breaking news! On Saturday, when Mr Fridge was venturing out to hunt and gather (not forage) at Edinburgh Farmer's Market, Mrs Fridge put together a list of desirable items and animals parts to spear, trap and purchase. Among them was a vegetable that has not been hunted for some time! Yes! Mrs Fridge is back on Potatoes! In fact, just the night before, while Mr And Mrs Fridge had been enjoying Mrs Fridge's parents hospitality before they went of on their French caravan adventure, Mr Fridge had observed and commented on Mrs Fridge enjoying her mother's cooking and POTATOES. I feel like I have been reunited with an old friend, an often dull and bland friend to be fair, but a well textured one.

Same day was Mr Fridge Dad's birthday! I will not reveal his years, although I will say that a calculator and a bit of paper is required. Mr Fridge Dad travelled through (very kind of him as the less Mrs Fridge and Ice Cube travel at the moment the better for them and also for my peace of mind). We enjoyed tea and Mr Fridge dad drank warm water with milk (what a waste of a tea bag, really!), had some birthday chocolate cake roll thing, showed him latest scan picture, which he did not cry too, then off to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Food was nice and we told Mr Fridge Dad of names for Ice Cubes depending on gender: again, we were surprised he did not cry. The restaurant was quiet so we had quick service which I think can take away from the dining experience: I like no rush, relaxation and sometimes slow service so you can enjoy your drinks and let conversations find their own directions and paths. Still we took our time and had a good time.

Mrs Fridge will soon be back from Pregnancy Yoga so I have to make the tea!

More posts soon and also scan pictures will included!

Apologies from Mr Fridge!

Hello Reader!

Apologies for being away and not even being on holiday! Okay, I was on holiday for one day, but nonetheless Mr Fridge has no excuses: he was busy with Mrs Fridge, Property Empire and work.

Mr Fridge will cover the last few weeks over the next few posts.

So, a week ago Friday Mr Fridge was late for work as he was being a safe driver. On the road to work, Mr Fridge drove through a village and at the other side was reduced to about 2mph for a couple of miles! I know you should not use your mobile phone while driving, but I was going so slowly - I would have walked faster - I took the negligible risk of taking a picture of the cause.

The driver was between 70 and 80. You can see he has no helmet (illegal), no licence plate (illegal) and was incredibly nervous(legal). I decided not to try to overtake until he pulled off as I am sure other drivers may not have given him as much care or space in rush hour or in there selfish 4x4s or Chelsey Tractors. If you look closely you will see his tyres are not far from bald. I hope he has decided not to do that again in rush hour traffic or got himself nicked!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Update! Yawn Spread Across The Atlantic!

Hello Reader!
CowGirl in the USofA read about the yawn and while she was doing so . . .yawned herself!!!!! That means the yawn has crossed the Atlantic and spread to over there! All that from a sleepy Agatha Christie Fan Fi in the office. How cool is that!? I now hope it can spread farther afield!

Property Empire viewing drags along : No visitors on Sunday there nor tonight but we had a special viewing by an interested party last night, so had to rush down after playing, and losing at, football. Had to point out that my hair was not gelled back but I was not long out a shower. Hope he believed me.

Ice Cube seems not to have grown too much this week, but he/she as been moving about in Mrs Fridge's freezer box. See her latest enormity below! Again, even cooler that the yawn by a distance greater than across the Atlantic.