Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grumpy Mr Fridge

Hello Again Reader,

Mr Fridge had a grumpy lunch time. He had to nip out to buy a picture frame, which he did not get due to no shops having them, that he visited in the newly expanded Livingston Shopping centre, The Elements (http://www.theelementslivingston.co.uk/). It looks nice from the outside but when I walked in I was presented with the below vista :

Now it is the 4th of November, we have just had Halloween and yet to have bonfire night, but everything is made up for Christmas! Bit early? Devalues that special Christmas feeling you get, erm, around Christmas? What a poor show and poor parents! Mr Fridge is going to compose a letter and send to the management. I will appraise you of any reply.

Baa humbug until December.

My next posting will be more 'Too Early For Christmas', no doubt and a possible offensive rant against a certain member of the royal family. Well, I wrote it last week but is outside of my normal postings, but it is my blog and my thoughts. Forward apologies if it offends.

In response to Poirot, If my nose got any bigger I would need a nose-wheelbarrow for it. (God my car repairs are going to cost me sooo much! Oh well, next weekend may see St Mirren go above Hearts inthe SPL . . or not.)

Time for tea.

Marvelouw Mrs Fridge

Hello Reader,

Mr Fridge has recovered slightly as Mrs Fridge has been doing some grand and great work building Fridge Junior into a routine. Early to bed after an early feed then a few hours for me. I had a great time top and tailing him ready for his feed and settling for bed. He had a lovely day and slept through the local library's nursery rhymes for parents and babies.

As you can see, he has been auditioning for teletubbies, without the inbuilt tummy TV screen. His talents include, eating, pooing and, between occasional crying, sleeping. He has also just started his smiling and it melts Mr and Mrs Fridge every time.