Monday, September 29, 2008

Ice Boy is a Week Old!

Hello Reader,

Mr Fridge has had the most excellent week! Mrs Fridge has been doing a superlative job being a Mother and we have had a few visitors over to meet the new Fridge. Below we see Mr Fridge Dad, or Ice Boy's Granddad, who came on Friday for a hold and a cuddle.

Mr Fridge Brother and Austrianland Partner, Ice Boy Uncle and Aunt, sent over Ice Boy his first political statement T-Shirt! He loved it so much that he managed to 'poo' over the back of it in under an hour! Sorry Austrialand Aunt and Uncle, but he loves his T-Shirt.

Mr and Mrs Fridge would also like to thank all the nice comments and cards and gifts and kindness shown by everyone to us and Little Liam. We are touched and blessed with such a son and friends

Well, since I last put any news in here we have been though a great deal! We moved out of Property Empire and got it all cleaned up ready for our tenants to move in the next day and hopefully rent it for some time yet! We moved into Fridge Manor, just outside of town, in fact, we now live in a village and we are enjoying the quiet life, easy parking and garden. Moving in here was quiet painless with everyone turning up on time and most things fitting through the front door. We are now mostly unpacked but are just waiting for some ordered furniture to arrive to allow us to finish off our move in. Then there was the birth of Ice Boy (promoted from Ice Shelf as he is out and free now!).

Ice Boy has also been having fun peeing on Daddy mid way through nappy changes and also pooing once he has been changed and dressed at 3.30am! He is so lovely. Kissed him to sleep this afternoon.

Okay, Mr Fridge is back on line and posting.

In the Next Post, I reveal where Hecule Poirot has been living recently.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ice Shelf Arrives!!!

Hello Reader!!! Mr and Mrs Fridge are pleased to the arrival of Liam David to the outside world. He was born on 22nd September 2008. Both he and Mrs Fridge are doing great. Mr Fridge has a whole new increased respect towards the female sex and is still in awe of what Mrs Fridge had to go through to in order to bring Liam David into the world.

Mr Fridge is now going to bed and will soon update, over the coming week, of the adventures of the Fridge Family from over the last few weeks.

Night all.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hello Reader!

Mr Fridge is back on line after a whole horrific day of being off-net!!! Mr Fridge sat down last night to blog away but could not get connected!! Better luck today, fortunately. I ended up watching ‘Antiques Road show’ : that is how frustrated I was.

We visited Mrs Meg and Mrs Gordon who are now 1 day overdue for their baby. Both are well and theirs cannot arrive before Wednesday as Mr Gordon has things to do. And Mrs B had her baby last week. Well done Mrs B – bet you are glad that is out. AND Bulgarian Anna had her baby last week – total labour time was 15 minutes with her baby born on the living room floor. I sooo hope that Ice Shelf does not do that to us! Given the week ahead of me.

Well we are 7 days till B-Day! Expected date is either next Monday or Tuesday and we move to Fridge Manor this Thursday!

Mrs Fridge had a difficult night last night, apparently my fault as when I came to bed I turned the light off and that woke her up. Not sure that is quiet how it happened as I could not get to sleep for last night for her lady sleep noises (that’s snoring to us chaps). I am not sure when she got up but poor thing was up half the night. At least she got some sleep and I had arranged for the new ‘Glasvegas’ CD to arrive in the post for her.

Mr Fridge also got Lydia checked into Maverick’s garage to have her shoes and brakes done and Mr Fridge just happened to mention the football at the weekend (Scotland back to their usual naffness) and off he went! Mr Fridge think Maverick needs to take anger management classes and stop following quality football, and also Hearts FC, or he will bust a blood vessel.

Well done to Shrek and Cat at the weekend for completing the Glasgow half marathon : one had cramp and the other had too many pints the day before.

Mr Fridge is now off to the pub to read some birthing notes and find out what is going to happen.

Oh! OH! Yes Mr Bart in Scandinavia! IKEA do suck (and large ones at that) and not rock! I worry for your mental health, especially after every conversation we have. IMOA! IMOA!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apologies! Busy Fridges!

Hello Reader,

It has been a busy old week again as we prepare for move Phase 2 to Fridge Mansion! A few short weeks and we will be out of Property Empire, which we hope to give news on the rental off very soon.

We have liked living here, in Property Empire, as it is so quiet outside, unlike old flat, and the neighbours are all nice. Parking is a doddle too.

Mr Fridge also has to apologise for lack of posting over the last week -Mrs Fridge and Ice Shelf have been requiring my time and attention.

Here is Mrs Fridge getting ever closer to Ice Shelf fruition!

We are now off to see 'Batman, The Dark Knight' this evening - a nice relaxing treat!

(I also can not get the spell checker to work this evening - I muzt apologize fur mi speling.