Saturday, February 4, 2012


Just read that Russia and China have vetoed tying to end the crisis and the murder of the Syrian citizens.

Jeez. What cowards and nice that Russia is also selling them weapons. Bastards.

Got tablet, will blog

Hello all the non readers who are all gone.

Fatherhood, work and life have led to sit down time being for relaxing and not blogging. Well we have gone tablet adn easier to blog.

So watching Scotland England rugby and apparently the BBC is English. Sound off and Radio Scotland on.

The lengths I will go to avoid listening to Brian Moore.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello! I remembered my password!

Wow! I need to get back into this. I have many views to present to the world

Friday, July 10, 2009

Medical History

Mr Fridge, Mrs Fridge and The Boy have had an interesting medical few months. Since the Boy started going to the nursery, which is a hub and crossing point for all manner of bugs, The Boy has been ill and has also passed many things onto his lovely parents. Little folk seem to get over things really quickly were as us old(er) folks seem to take longer to get over them. Mr Fridge was hit hard! (Not to say Mrs Fridge wasn’t but it is my blog.) The Boy gifted Mr Fridge 6 viruses and 1 disease. 2 of those viruses were at the same time! Well impressive. The Hand, Foot and Mouth disease was particularly fun: never realised a little person could vomit so much for so far! Mr and Mrs Fridge were also struck down and I had a week off work and was the only one of us to develop the lesions on my hands, feet and mouth.

Self Exploration of Geek draws to a close!

My journey to geekiness has peeked! I brought a Dalek alarm clock into work, as it had no where to live at home, “There is no way that is going to be out alarm clock in our room” is actually what happened . That is it! I have no more inclinations to discuss Sci-Fi stuff and spent lunch discussing politics and refused to discuss the BBC's Sci-Fi series, ‘Torchwood’. (It is very good though.)

I have been reading books again, interacting with normal everyday folk , wearing normal clothing, shouting at the television news and looking at paying my council tax properly (Edinburgh City Council are not the best run when it comes to giving you the right bill).

On a more serious note, Michael Jackson’s funeral drew much more coverage, front pages, news inches and attention on the same day that a memorial to the dead of the 7th July bombings was unveiled ( Money counts more than relevant news. Journalists and editors are scum but yet we allow them to dictate how much of the non-thinking British public think. By that I mean Sun readers, Express readers, Mail Readers . . you get the gist. Report the news guys and not populist and easy to fill column inches such as, ‘Micheal's family were very upset’ and ‘Bubbles has not yet been told’. The guy was a freak who needed help and stopped. Innocent people died in Tavistock and that is not more news worthy?

Nuff said there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Third Post

To complete the geek transformation I am going out to the village pub quiz wearing a Star Wards Yoda T-shirt after having cut the head of off a storm trooper . . . cartoon style of course, real would be impossible and sick. . .