Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hello Reader,

Mr Fridge was, this evening, so annoyed at public service (ahem) from Parcel Force. The XBox has been repaired and dispatched back and a delivery card put through my door with a map to the depot to pick it up. Seeing is is just off my road on the way home from work I decided to drop in and pick it up. Unfortunately the weather was not good and the rain was sooo heavy that when I got to the car park that I decided to drive in the depot main delivery door, the one where Parcel Force's vans and lorries drive in to the huge depot building. I got out the car and interrupted the 3 staff who were intensly looking out at the rain fall.

"Can I help you?" the youngest says , turning his head and not even bothering to take his hands out of his pocket.
"Yes, I have a package to pick up." I replied, holding out my delivery card. He ignores it and replies,
"You can't park there."
"I know, but seeing as the rain is torrential and I did not want to get soaked in the 10 metre walk from the parking to here I decided to make use of the vast amounts of empty space in here. Can I have my package?" still holding out my delivery card. The young man, nay boy, still ignores my card.
"You can't park there." repeats the broken record.
"Well," I sigh, "it looks like I have anyway. Can I have my package and I can leave" then lifting the card to his his eye level, just in case the effort in lowering his eyes was too much for this obviously overworked public sector worker.
"You need to go to the customer services office, outside up there on the right. You can't park there."

The rain is even heavier. I get in Lydia, reverse out and drive the little bit up to park as close as I could to the customer (un)services door. The rain is so heavy that the wipers are having difficulty clearing off the rain on maximum wipe settings. I get out and in the 5 metres to the door I get very wet. Once inside I ring the buzzer for service and, suprise suprise, no-one comes, although I can here them talking about the rain. I count to 60 in my head then push the buzzer again. I count to about 40 in my head and then someone arrives to deal with the 'customer'. I let go of the buzzer. The server is the exact same person who was so captivated by the rain in the first place. Cheeky get says, "Can I help you?"

I have ran out of patience, although my anger is fine. I am calm.
"Yes you can hopefully. Maybe. If it is okay to interuppt your rain watching, you know I have a package to pick up."
He actualy smirks as he takes my delivery card. "The bad news is that it has been left in your local post office to pick up. Look it says so here. Can ye 'no read?". Arsehole points to a scribble on the back of the card.
"I can read." I reply, "Evidently you delivery man cannot write. That is of no use to me. I shall let you get back to your rain watching."
I leave.

In summary, they gave me a card with a map, opening times and a scribble. Parcel Force, you suck. I am a believer that some things should be be run by the nation but I think some private company ethics need to be brought in, such as customer service, if you don;t do your job then eventually you will be out.

When did I become such a moan? Or perhaps, in younger years I was just too passive and accepted bad service, trying to see the other side, like what it must be like to work there but I now believe that good service gets good customers. National service that's what they need! A public flogging perhaps?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mrs Dobber Accolade!

Hello Reader,

Top Chap News tonight! Someone made comment to me that Mrs Dobber has a top and beautiful smile AND what's more the compliment came from another wimin!!!! Alas and alack, the other lady said it with her professional eye as a photographer. Sooo, perhaps Mrs Dobber should take up a modeling position as a smiling lady?

On Ice Shelf news, we spent half the weekend buying first things for baby, new born nappies, breast feeding things, some baby clothes (colour a secret - good try Sarah!) erm and other things . . .

Last Wednesday was a curry night with some old work mates and still friends. It was in one of those places where you bring your own beer and wine, but poor Mrs D to Be got a telling off from one of the waiters for opening her own Pepsie (other soft drinks are available) and the drinking it! No tip for them, especially as they brought us the bill without us asking : just cause they wanted to shut!!!

Below you will see Mr Dobber taking up Bigger Al's unique and generous offer his of his bottle openign skills.

Now why am I suddenly thinking of Penfold from Dangermouse. . . .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Update

Hello Reader,

AngryIrishPerson Mrs Darcy is now appeased and a close one it was too! I would never wish to err on the wrong side of fast talking, quick drinking Mrs Darcy again!

Mrs Fridge and Ice Shelf have abandoned me to fend for myself this evening whilst she and Mrs Dobber, see Mr and Mrs Dobber above, wine (alcohol free for Mrs Fridge) and dine and no doubt chat away - I expect her back at 8pm but not really.

The picture here is not from a party or anything similar. Sadly, Mr and Mrs Dobber firmly believe that they are descendants of the Gnome folk (cousins of the faerie folk, Mr Colin Dobber's side at least). They spend their Sunday afternoons sitting round a small garden pond trying to catch goldfish. Their home motto is "Gnome is where the heart is".

Mrs Fridge was at the midwife's this afternoon and again Ice Shelf has a healthy heartbeat and she felt the side of baby's head! I can't wait for her to come home so I can pick out the same body part through the hugeness of her tummy. (The rest of her is in normal perfect and good shape).

Mr Fridge forgot that Cat phoned at the weekend to see how we were doing. He had taken his little one out for a walk in her pushchair to see if she would fall asleep. Do I have this to look forward to?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mr Fridge Update

Hello Reader!

Mr Fridge has had a busy week and a few days! He also got a furious Irish row from Mrs Darcy for no updates on the time she was off at a wedding and a London 4 day party! I am duly chastised and now provide an update as to the last week or two!

Well, here is Mrs Fridge. As you can see there is considerable growth in Ice Burg and I am considering an upgrade to an Ice Shelf. In fact I just have. Here is Mrs Fridge and Ice Shelf.

Well it has been a really busy few week and a bit, out side of work, we have sold our residence, decided to take the Property Empire of the market and rent it out AND we have all but bought a new Fridge Manor, out of Edinburgh and right on the edge of central belt civilisation! We have a few legal things to wrap up and then we are ready - with a move to Property Empire for 3 weeks before we move to Fridge Manor. A busy few months are ahead and I still have to organise the Extranganavaza 2008 yet (a select Edinburgh Fringe Festival Night Out).

Anyways - we had an Ikea trip at the weekend and Mrs Fridge was a little bit stressed and, bless her, dare I say hormonal? I had just returned from hunting and gathering from an early Saturday rise and was enjoying the funny man on the trampoline on children's BBC but we had to leave instantly to get to Ikea. I have no idea if he ever made it off the trampoline or not. (I may get into trouble if she reads this now) It was almost as if all her periods from the last seven months had caught up and then presented themselves in one big stress. Poor thing.

Just before I sign off I saw the trailer for the new X-Files film and nearly laughed my sock off! Billy Connelly as a psychic preacher! Sorry Billy - you had better do some good acting for 5.5 million Scots to see your film character and not the funny man that makes us laugh so much. What a tough and happy reputation and legacy that is. To be fair, I don't think most of the global box office take will come from Scotland anyway.

Here is the link : http://www.xfiles.com/ (Press play to watch on web site)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sad News For Mr Fridge! (Nothing serious)

Hello Reader,

The Fridges have had a busy week: As we work away Mrs Fridge starts to look towards the start of her maternity leave and we have been out looking for a nice house to live in! It's a tough job going round and looking at other peoples' houses but we are narrowing the field down and hope to make a a decision soon. We shall see what happens.

Anyway, the sad news is that Mr Fridge has found that his Xbox 360 has the red lights of death! Yes - his Xbox 360 is broken! I registered for online help but they are shut at 11:30 at night. What am I do to when Mrs Fridge has gone to bed!!?!?!?!? Poor Mr Fridge. I will try again tomorrow.

Anyway, last week I meant to say that I heard something that still makes me smile. Mrs Fridge said, "I'm sorry. You're right." Soon after I came round and picked myself up from the floor I realised that the pregnancy is having a clearly huge hormonal impact on poor Mrs Fridge. Once Ice Berg melts out of her then I am sure normal (new) service will be resumed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

News Flash! Mr Fridge Sympathy Pregnancy!

Busy Week for the Fridges!

Hello Readers!

The Fridges have a had a busy week since last entry. Work, pregnant wimin yoga classes, gym (at last), property empire work, baby sitting and looking after Mrs Fridge! Poor thing had 3 days off work not very well and with a knee problem and not being well. I think she should get a crutch like Carrie from ER (about 5 years ago I think). It would take some of the pressure off of her problem knee, guarantee her a seat ANYWHERE and it is also a great conversion piece! We shall see as she has a physio appointment to make and I hope she gets the Cool Crutch.

Mr Paul the mechanic added a comment about me diving a hairdressers' car! Hairdresser! How would he know as his hair cut is a trip to the French Polishers'! To make matters worse, he's a Hearts fan.

On Saturday we went through to see Mr Fridge Dad and Mr Fridge Aunt/Dad's Sister Sister and their friend Mary De Wolfe after their successful tour of the Highlands and Largs. Good weather and well sunned faces greeted us on our arrival. Mary De Wolfe is a cool woman as she is the first other person I have heard/admit to that when a packet of Jaffa Cakes is opened then entire packet has to be eaten.

Here they are :From Left to Right : Mr Fridge Dad, Mrs Fridge (Ice Berg Inset), Aunt Fridge and Mary De Wolfe.