Monday, June 8, 2009

The prodigal FridgeHair Returns!

Hello again all my departed readers!

Mr Fridge has been so distracted that he had lost time to blog! Shocking! House decoration and rebuilding it internally, raising a small child, Mr Fridge Father having a cog replaced in his ticker and sooo on. Oh bills. Love paying the bills.

So. Mr Fridge is disgusted at his fellow country men and women. We had our European Elections and less than a 35% turnout which enabled BNP to gain some seat with their minority votes. I am all for minority parties but not for Raciest Xenophoics such as them. Disgusting. "Standing up for the indigenous British person". The British people are mongrels: The Scots are half Irish and half Pict. The Irish came form Northern Spain and no-one really knows where the Picts came from. The Welsh are Irish, English and Vikings. The English are a mix of Roman, French, Germanic and we all all part Norse from the pillaging Vikings. Not to mention Gypsies, Africans and Asian influences in our recent history so the indigenous people of Britain is basically Europe. Backwards thinking, scared little raciest.

See you all in court, although the views express are my opinion only. That said I am sure many people have similar thoughts.