Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mr Fridge Has Been Busy : Time Has Passed

Hello Reader,

Mr Fridge has been remiss in his blog responsibilities and can only blame Fridge Junior! He has been growing and growing so much that he managed to put on 1lb in a matter of a week - which explains his constant demand for food and attention.
Here he is doing some early life dancing.

Mr Fridge also notes Poirot's response and will soon be paying even more through his nose to service and look after Lydia!

I need to post more. Fridge junior now demands my attention!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How did it get to be Thursday!

Hello Reader,

Mr Fridge is amazed that it is Thursday already! Given the lack of sleep that he and Mrs Fridge have been experiencing with Fridge Junior growing, crapping and eating we have spent longer awake than any other week, ever. The best one is my going to bed wakes him up, even when I creep in in the pitch black. I am finding the sofa very comfortable.

Anyway, Mr Fridge noticed that Mad Hearts Fan/Great Mechanic Engineer Paul has a striking resemblance to a certain Hercule Poirot. I took his picture and I will let you decide for yourself.

Hercule Poirot
Mad Hearts Fan Paul
Other similarities include colourful and inventive use of language, getting to the bottom of a tough problem and both have a limited availability of height.
The build up to a coming rant :
Mr Fridge has also been ENRAGED by the Christmas lights going up in Livingston, and probably other places up and down the country too. It is October. By doing this it devalues Christmas, stops it being special, bypasses Halloween and spoils bonfire night. Shops do it to exploit pester power from children, but a council should no better. Keep Christmas for Christmas!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr Fridge : Grass and Poo.

Good Evening Reader,

You read me at the end of a Monday and still working away due to my sheer dedication to the job. While I wait for engineer feedback I shall take this opportunity to update the reader my life.

On Saturday I cut the grass for the first time in my life! I have never done it before and as soon as I had built the cutting machine and learnt, quite quickly, that you should not run it over the power cable or wear open toed shoes (well, my nails needed trimmed) I got to work on the front and rear jungles that are Fridge Manor’s gardens. What a job I did! Like many things you do first time, it was absolutely atrocious but I enjoyed it tremendously. The grass was so long that even of giraffe setting the cutting machine was set to was not overly effective and Mr Fridge had to really run over and over it again: the mover even got so clogged up that I had to continuously stop and pick and scoop out the grass (I had learned to unplug it at this point). After an hour or two I was done and it was the worst looking set of lawns that I had ever seen! The organic recycling bin is full to bursting with cut grass, moss and blood from the cutting machine catcher bucket thing and from my raking. The job was so impressively done that a neighbour asked me if Fridge Junior had given us a rough night and that she had not noticed that we had cut the grass. Cheeky neighbour! She obviously thought I looked exhausted and had not noticed that she could see the front of the house again. I am off to look up the dictionary.

TACT: 1. Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending.


Now the other fun thing that happened is that on Saturday Mrs Fridge and I had Fridge Junior on the play gym, naked as he was born, to allow his little touch of nappy rash to heal. He has been bathed and cleaned and changed and cleaned again, so he was looking so nice and lovely that I picked him up to hug and kiss. In return my loving child peed on me then crapped through my hand and onto my t-shirt and jeans and, well everything. I ended up washing my clothes and showering! Wee thing! How Mrs Fridge laughed. Mr Fridge laughed the next day when he had his first projectile vomit on Mrs Fridge, over her hand, trouser leg, newspaper and new sofa!

That’s my boy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mr Fridge Re-emerges

Hello Reader,

Mr Fridge reemerges into the web world and has been chastised by Mrs 4444. Mr Fridge is heartened to see that he has at least one avid reader. Mr Fridge has obliged, but more to finding himself with some time and I intend to keep the world up to date!

Ella and Pirate have been very kind and sent over a lovely present from just right of down under, from New Zealand. It is a Buzzy Bee ready for Fridge Jr (renamed again) to play and drag about him. It is not fair to single out one gift, but that is the furthest travelled. Everyone on Liam's new friends have been sooo generous and kind and we thank everyone who send him gifts and cards and love.

Mr Fridge is also glad of the weekend and he is so looking forward to building all the furniture that was delivered yesterday. His back to work week was busy and in every office he went to I had the first few hours of every day 'lost' to work as loads of very nice fellow Q people asked after Mrs Fridge and Fridge Junior. Not that that was a problem, it just meant that Mr Fridge had the pleasure of showing of all his pictures he has of his son!

Oh! Teas out so I will be back on line again soon!

Night all.

Oh, what a mum Mrs Fridge is! Mr Fridge is very proud and loves her even more!