Friday, July 10, 2009

Medical History

Mr Fridge, Mrs Fridge and The Boy have had an interesting medical few months. Since the Boy started going to the nursery, which is a hub and crossing point for all manner of bugs, The Boy has been ill and has also passed many things onto his lovely parents. Little folk seem to get over things really quickly were as us old(er) folks seem to take longer to get over them. Mr Fridge was hit hard! (Not to say Mrs Fridge wasn’t but it is my blog.) The Boy gifted Mr Fridge 6 viruses and 1 disease. 2 of those viruses were at the same time! Well impressive. The Hand, Foot and Mouth disease was particularly fun: never realised a little person could vomit so much for so far! Mr and Mrs Fridge were also struck down and I had a week off work and was the only one of us to develop the lesions on my hands, feet and mouth.

Self Exploration of Geek draws to a close!

My journey to geekiness has peeked! I brought a Dalek alarm clock into work, as it had no where to live at home, “There is no way that is going to be out alarm clock in our room” is actually what happened . That is it! I have no more inclinations to discuss Sci-Fi stuff and spent lunch discussing politics and refused to discuss the BBC's Sci-Fi series, ‘Torchwood’. (It is very good though.)

I have been reading books again, interacting with normal everyday folk , wearing normal clothing, shouting at the television news and looking at paying my council tax properly (Edinburgh City Council are not the best run when it comes to giving you the right bill).

On a more serious note, Michael Jackson’s funeral drew much more coverage, front pages, news inches and attention on the same day that a memorial to the dead of the 7th July bombings was unveiled ( Money counts more than relevant news. Journalists and editors are scum but yet we allow them to dictate how much of the non-thinking British public think. By that I mean Sun readers, Express readers, Mail Readers . . you get the gist. Report the news guys and not populist and easy to fill column inches such as, ‘Micheal's family were very upset’ and ‘Bubbles has not yet been told’. The guy was a freak who needed help and stopped. Innocent people died in Tavistock and that is not more news worthy?

Nuff said there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Third Post

To complete the geek transformation I am going out to the village pub quiz wearing a Star Wards Yoda T-shirt after having cut the head of off a storm trooper . . . cartoon style of course, real would be impossible and sick. . .

Second Post in a Day!

Shocking news Reader,

I now sit opposite my village friend Perry and he is slowly bringing out the geek in me. I am being turned into an extremist. (Just as well I am already married and wifed!) We spent lunch time discussing Doctor Who, who would be a good actor/actress for the Doctor and who would not. The possibilities of other Time Lords exist to be brought back up in the program. DEAR GOD!!! Slightly uncomfortable feeling but enjoyable, the same sort of feeling you get when you look at the geology department of a museum, or you read a technical manual when you don’t have to, and spend a bit more time doing so than you would expect.

Anyway, Michael MacIntye (I don’t care if I have spelt his name incorrectly) has taken over as my most disliked person. He annoys me and I cannot understand his sudden rise to TV popularity. Mr Fridge’s wife’s office went to see him at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and I had to walk out he was so annoying, unfunny and predictable. There must be others!

He’s not funny, his voice is annoying and you get the feeling from TV that other genuinely funny comedians don’t like him. He even managed to get booed on a comedy charity TV program. ‘Nuff said.

MacIntyre has taken the mantle from Danny Baker. Here is my list:

1. Michael MacIntyre
2. Danny Baker
3. Chris Moyles
4. Jeffery Archer
5. Michael MacIntyre

I was up at 04:55 today with Fridge Junior, The Boy (as he shall hence forth be known). So I feel I need to cleanse my pent up stresses and share these things.

The Boy is lovely with 6 teeth and more pushing through. Wee soul. He is also crawling, making noises, playing, interacting (which is great) and being fun to be around. About time too as, to be quiet frank, they don’t really do much for the first few months and you get a bit fed up with them after a while.

Missed by some . . .

So goodbye Michael Jackson
Missed and adulated by millions
Your music has inspired and entertained many
With your good times
You had a hard life
But if we are to believe others
Then you made other lives harder
So yours was no excuse
Better people have died
Giving much more than selling tickets
Media’s easy stories and time fillers

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sad Day

So farewell then Mollie Sugden
Liver Bird mother Mrs Hutchinson
Mrs Slocombe serving us
With laughter
We will miss your pussy

Monday, June 8, 2009

The prodigal FridgeHair Returns!

Hello again all my departed readers!

Mr Fridge has been so distracted that he had lost time to blog! Shocking! House decoration and rebuilding it internally, raising a small child, Mr Fridge Father having a cog replaced in his ticker and sooo on. Oh bills. Love paying the bills.

So. Mr Fridge is disgusted at his fellow country men and women. We had our European Elections and less than a 35% turnout which enabled BNP to gain some seat with their minority votes. I am all for minority parties but not for Raciest Xenophoics such as them. Disgusting. "Standing up for the indigenous British person". The British people are mongrels: The Scots are half Irish and half Pict. The Irish came form Northern Spain and no-one really knows where the Picts came from. The Welsh are Irish, English and Vikings. The English are a mix of Roman, French, Germanic and we all all part Norse from the pillaging Vikings. Not to mention Gypsies, Africans and Asian influences in our recent history so the indigenous people of Britain is basically Europe. Backwards thinking, scared little raciest.

See you all in court, although the views express are my opinion only. That said I am sure many people have similar thoughts.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Rant

Hello Probably All Gone Reader,

I sit here getting used to typing again and today I am ever more a Republican than ever! Watching the BBC evening News I note that the BBC refuse to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza in the interests of impartiality. That I do not understand as the people who survived the Israeli bombardment need our help. Israel will certainly not give it; they only drop bombs on UN Schools and food stores, level industrial zones to destroy their infrastructure and use weapons banned under international laws on civilian areas.

Anyways, my rant was that the BBC ran with the Story that Prince (spit) Harry and Chelsea have split up when on holiday in the Maldives and then after that about Rwanda and Congo joining forces to try and sort out the Hutu rebels responsible for the genocide that happened there. Some balance is required I think.

Okay. Prince Harry
1. Does he not have a job in the army? He is always off on holidays.
2. He is 'our little raciest friend’. No excuse can hide what and how he said it. Despicable.
3. I never voted for him
4. He is a privileged idiot

'Nuff said tonight I think.

I also did not win the lottery.

Night all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr Fridge Returns!

Happy (late) 2009 Reader!

Apologies from Mr Fridge but his laptop was out of order and is now repaired!

I have remembered my password and can now get back on to my ranting, family adoration and random thoughts!

I have so much to say on Harry Hewi . . . Windsor, George Bush, Barrack Obhama, Isreal behaving like Nazis form WWII, St Mirren football Club, UK and Scottish politics, Doctor Who, the world and everything else therein.

It feels good to type again.

Mr Fridge