Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Second Post in a Day!

Shocking news Reader,

I now sit opposite my village friend Perry and he is slowly bringing out the geek in me. I am being turned into an extremist. (Just as well I am already married and wifed!) We spent lunch time discussing Doctor Who, who would be a good actor/actress for the Doctor and who would not. The possibilities of other Time Lords exist to be brought back up in the program. DEAR GOD!!! Slightly uncomfortable feeling but enjoyable, the same sort of feeling you get when you look at the geology department of a museum, or you read a technical manual when you don’t have to, and spend a bit more time doing so than you would expect.

Anyway, Michael MacIntye (I don’t care if I have spelt his name incorrectly) has taken over as my most disliked person. He annoys me and I cannot understand his sudden rise to TV popularity. Mr Fridge’s wife’s office went to see him at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and I had to walk out he was so annoying, unfunny and predictable. There must be others!

He’s not funny, his voice is annoying and you get the feeling from TV that other genuinely funny comedians don’t like him. He even managed to get booed on a comedy charity TV program. ‘Nuff said.

MacIntyre has taken the mantle from Danny Baker. Here is my list:

1. Michael MacIntyre
2. Danny Baker
3. Chris Moyles
4. Jeffery Archer
5. Michael MacIntyre

I was up at 04:55 today with Fridge Junior, The Boy (as he shall hence forth be known). So I feel I need to cleanse my pent up stresses and share these things.

The Boy is lovely with 6 teeth and more pushing through. Wee soul. He is also crawling, making noises, playing, interacting (which is great) and being fun to be around. About time too as, to be quiet frank, they don’t really do much for the first few months and you get a bit fed up with them after a while.

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