Friday, July 10, 2009

Medical History

Mr Fridge, Mrs Fridge and The Boy have had an interesting medical few months. Since the Boy started going to the nursery, which is a hub and crossing point for all manner of bugs, The Boy has been ill and has also passed many things onto his lovely parents. Little folk seem to get over things really quickly were as us old(er) folks seem to take longer to get over them. Mr Fridge was hit hard! (Not to say Mrs Fridge wasn’t but it is my blog.) The Boy gifted Mr Fridge 6 viruses and 1 disease. 2 of those viruses were at the same time! Well impressive. The Hand, Foot and Mouth disease was particularly fun: never realised a little person could vomit so much for so far! Mr and Mrs Fridge were also struck down and I had a week off work and was the only one of us to develop the lesions on my hands, feet and mouth.

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Anonymous said...

I'M IN SHOCK!! I stopped checking this websites since Liam was more here than onm FB in the future then?

Auntie Sharon - USA COWGIRL